Salome. So ahead of her time!

We can give you a little glow too!You too, can be the center of attention in your world.
Forbici is offering Glowlights for Easter.
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Hat or scarf or helmet head fixes

Need to plump up the volume when you take off your hat,scarf, or helmet? A good trick is to wear your hair to the opposite  direction  before you put on your hat, scarf ,or helmet. Or , if you have a little length, braid in opposite direction  you wear your hair. Put a bun in your hair with goody spiral pins, (available  at most drugstores ), or use Bob pins. Another great trick is to wrap your head with a silk scarf. It keeps hair in place.
Carry dryer sheet ,and small dry shampoo with you.  When you take off your hat, helmet , scarf off, you can rub dryer sheet on your hair,after you take out bun, or braid. Then spray dry shampoo at sections of hair at roots, from 6 to 8 inches away. Let dry. Bend over, and run hands back and forth thru your hair vigorously.  Throw your head back, and brush out, or finger comb.
Hope you all have great hair days.


New Year, New Do


Have some fun with your hair this year!
Don’t be afraid. There are so many ways to.change haircolor with.glazes. Demi permanent color, that  makes your hair shine in any tone you want! No roots to worry about later.
And let’s just say, what are you waiting for? Try something new. How about a great new look?
The possibilities are endless. Why wait? You may just look great, and feel better!