Happy Holidays from Forbici!

We hope you find them healthy, joyous and surrounded by loved ones.
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Much love to all!



  Time passes so quickly. We must learn to appreciate the time we have together.  You Never know when you’ll be together again. Or who may not be there when you turn around. Life is so fragile. Please enjoy each other as much as possible.  Don’t waste time with arguments.  Love, now!

Ready to go back to college.

Summer is almost over. Hope everyone has had a great time. It has sure been a HOT time in Atlanta!

Hannah is going back with a bang!She cut off about 12 inches of hair. And I didn’t get a pic first! But here is after. 

Then we lightened her hair. She had used boxed brown color on her hair. Her goal is to be platinum. I explained that it is a process. And usually doesn’t  happen at student rates ,in a couple of hours.She is very cool, and  just went with the flow.

She is ready to go blonde in a healthy way. And patient not to destroy the condition of her hair. So , we used Wella Blondor with Olaplex. And then glazed after with Kenra and Olaplex. 

But she wants to go as light as possible, for now.

Here is her hair, before,  and after.

She enjoyed it for about 5 weeks. And was ready for another session.

So today ,I bleached and color melted with different  tones.And here is where  she is today.She is very wise not to overdo the process. My goal is to keep the integrity and condition of her hair in top shape! Olaplex helps keep it that way.And she is wonderful to trust my expertise.   So, she knew it might not make it to platinum  today. What a patient gal! Here she is today.

Beautiful.  Not platinum.  But she can go to college with a new look. And we’ve all heard that “blondes have more fun!”

And when she comes back to Atlanta,  for the  holiday break,we will definitely achieve platinum! With no damage to her hair. Thanks to Olaplex.

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